Sierra Baptist Church Wedding Policy

General Standards

In accordance with its Articles of Faith, Sierra Baptist Church will only permit weddings of a Christian nature based on clear biblical teaching involving one man and one woman as a sacred union and covenant witnessed by God. Both bride and groom must give clear evidence of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, having been baptized by immersion, and at least one of the two should be a member in good standing of Sierra Baptist Church. Each wedding service and related event(s) conducted on church property shall at all times be conducted in a manner honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Procedure for Scheduling a Wedding at Sierra Baptist Church

1. Interested parties must obtain, complete and submit a “Pre-Marital Application Form” at least three months prior to desired wedding date. (These forms can be obtained at the church office).

2. Interested parties must meet with a member of the church pastoral staff, presenting the completed Pre-Marital Application Form (one each for bride and groom) to determine basic suitability, to schedule a date for the wedding and to pay the cleaning deposit in item 4. Wedding use of church facilities must not conflict with previously scheduled church events.

3. The couple will meet with the pastor who will perform the wedding and will participate in 3-6 sessions of premarital counseling well in advance of the ceremony date. If a minister who is not a part of Sierra Baptist Church will participate in the wedding ceremony, he must: 1) be the minister of a church of like faith and practice; 2) submit a letter explaining what premarital counseling he will perform with the couple; and 3) be approved by the pastor of Sierra Baptist Church.

4. After being pre-approved for a wedding at SBC as seen in 1 & 2 above, and upon scheduling a wedding date with the church events coordinator, the applicants will pay a $150 cleaning deposit which is completely refundable if the church is left completely clean after the ceremony. If the facility is not cleaned properly, the $150 will be used to pay for janitorial service.

Approved January 16th, 2011