At Sierra Baptist Church our vision is to be a continuously growing church, known for its Christian love, faithfulness to God’s Word, and spiritual influence in our community.

To achieve this vision, Sierra Baptist Church is committed to a ministry which:

• Proclaims, exalts and brings glory to Jesus Christ through a careful adherence to His Holy Word.

• Seeks the spiritual and numerical growth of the body of Christ through an emphasis on the practical teaching and preaching of God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

• Emphasizes the importance of personal holiness and obedience to God’s Word as a means of impacting the world and reaching our own families for Jesus Christ.

• Practices loving fellowship, encouragement, hospitality, admonition and accountability among those in the body of Christ.

• Draws upon and utilizes the spiritual gifts, natural talents and leadership capabilities of Spirit empowered members of the body of Christ.

• Reflects God’s perfection through a commitment to excellence in all aspects of service to Jesus Christ.

• Upholds God’s ideals for the Christian home through loving discipline that we might prepare our children to live godly lives of real purpose for eternity.

• Facilitates meaningful Christ- centered, worship through an emphasis on music which is God-honoring in lyrics, style and presentation.